Coordinate Graphing Pictures Printable

Introduction for Coordinate Graphing Pictures Printable:

The coordinate graphing  is called the Cartesian coordinates plane. The graph consists of a pair of perpendicular lines called coordinate axes. The vertical axis is the y axis and the horizontal axis is the x axis. The point of intersection of these two axes is  called the origin of coordinate graphing pictures printable.

It is the zero point of the both axes. Furthermore, point to the right of the origin on the x axis and above the origin on the y axis represent positive real numbers. Points to the left of the origin on the x axis or below the origin on the y axis represent negative real numbers.

coordinate graphing pictures printable

There are four regions cut off by the coordinate  graphing  axes are, in counter clocking direction form the top right, called the first, second, third and fourth quadrant, respectively. The first quadrant contains all  points with two positive coordinates.

Coordinate Graphing of X and Y Axis – Coordinate Graphing Pictures Printable:

In the graph show, two points are identified by the ordered pair, (x,y) of numbers, The x coordinate graphing pictures is the first number and the y coordinates graphing pictures is the second number.

Coordinates graphing pictures:

To plot a point on the graph when given the coordinate graphing pictures, draw perpendicular lines from the number line coordinates to the point where the two lines intersect.

coordinate graphing pictures printable

To find the coordinate graphing  pictures of a given point on the graph, draw perpendicular lines from the point to the coordinates of the graph  number comma is used to separate the two.

In this case, point A has the coordinate graphing (4,2) and the coordinates graphing of point B are (-3,-5).

coordinate graphing pictures printable

For any two point A and b with coordinate graphing pictures(X,Y) and (xn,Yn), respectively, the distance between A and B is represented by

AB = √((XA - XB)2 + (YA - YB)2)

This is commonly known as the distance formula for the Pythagorean theorem.

Plotting Points of Coordinate Graphing – Coordinate Graphing Pictures Printable

Plot the point (-3,2) on the graph coordinate below:

coordinate graphing pictures printable

Step 1 coordinates graphing is to find the point 3 along the x axis. Draw a dashed vertical line through that point. See the below diagram

Step 2 coordinate graphing is to find  the point 2 along the y axis. Draw a dashed horizontal line through the point.

Step 3 coordinate graphing is to plot the point where the two dashed lines intersect with a solid circle. This is point (-3,2). See the below figures.

This is how the  coordinate graphing principle printable will display.

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